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Julienne: Video to Recipe

Recipe generation

Make social media your personal cookbook

Take cooking videos from your favorite social media accounts on platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, and convert them to easy-to-follow recipes in our companion app.

  • Effortlessly convert viral cooking videos into printable recipes

  • Explore trending dishes from your favorite creators

  • Streamline your cooking experience with clear instructions and ingredient lists


Organize your favorite recipes

After converting your favorite cooking videos to recipes, organize them into collections. Keep track of what ingredients you need to buy, and easily export them to your favorite delivery app.

  • Create custom recipe collections for different occasions and cuisines

  • Order your ingredients through your favorite delivery app

  • Quickly access your favorite recipes with intuitive organization tools


Use AI to create the perfect recipe

With Julienne you can upscale any recipe however you like. Want to make your favorite cheat meal recipe healthier? Just ask Julienne and it can make a new version of your recipe on the spot.

  • Experiment with new variations of your favorite recipes tailored to your dietary preferences

  • Discover innovative twists on classic dishes with the touch of a button

  • Personalize your cooking journey with AI-generated recipes that match your tastes and lifestyle


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